Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Up and Away

I believe vintage doesn't just apply to objects, but can be a state of mind as well. 

When my mother was cleaning out her farm house, we discovered this old book, Up and Away

Up and Away is the first volume of the Canadian Reading Development Series of textbooks used in Protestant Canadian Schools across Canada from the post WWII period until the early seventies.

This volume has nice poetry (a lot of Walter de la Mare) and lots of animal stories and wonderful illustrations. It was edited by Marian James.

It's a nice snapshot of what life was "supposed" to be like - the ideals, morals, and lifestyles that people were striving for.

For me, it brings back a few childhood memories of summer days spent with this volume, stretched out on a sleeping bag in the tent pitched in the backyard. I was mesmerized by an earlier time period that seemed so long ago to a little girl of the 1970s. I would fantasize about living during the 1940s. 

Yes, vintage is definitely a state of mind.


  1. Retro Junction, I totally agree with you about that vintage is definitely a state of mind! There's a saying about Grandma's that says, "Grandma's are just antique little girls." Well, you don't even have to be a Grandma to be an antique little girl! Books sure do take you back in time. thanks for sharing your Canadian book with us.
    aka Holey Gwackamoley on Etsy

  2. Love this post... so nostalgic. Love love love. :)

  3. I'd just love to have a peek into that book!
    The illustrations look wonderful!

  4. I have a copy of this book that I read in school years ago. I feel privileged to have it.