Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bartlett-Collins Hand Painted Glass Products

I found an interesting glass company while researching some glassware my mother had given me. It had belonged to my grandmother and that it was old was all my mother could tell me.

I discovered the set was made by Bartlett-Collins, a company that started in Sapulpa, Oklahoma in 1912 and became a division of Indiana Glass Co., which was later owned by Anchor Hocking. High-quality glass sand, with few impurities and high silica content, occurred in abundance in Oklahoma in the early 1900's and glass plants proliferated. In 1910 there were two, by 1915, five, and by 1918, there were 16 plants. Among the resulting products were canning jars, water bottles, gaslight globes, lantern globes, and even glass caskets.

Back to Bartlett-Collins, their specialty items included enameled drinking glasses and mugs, florist vases and candle holders. According to one source, they hired local housewives to paint their decorative crystal during the 40's and 50's. (For some reason, I have a mental image of the Stepford Wives sitting around the dining room table having an afternoon paint/chat session!)

I found out that Collins sold his interest in the company in 1918 and formed the Liberty Glass concern. This Southwest company was noted for its hand-pressed and blown tableware, stemware, and kitchenware. In addition it produced an assortment of kitchen lamps. By 1950, the company was making one million glass milk bottles annually and had a staff of 500. They are still in business today.

Now I've discovered that another vase I had recently sold through my Etsy shop was also a Bartlett-Collins product, made in the 1950/60s. Further browsing on the internet makes me realize how much I love this glass company's products. I'll definitely be on the lookout for more of their pieces to add to my collection.

I just listed this pair of Bartlett-Collins vases in my Etsy shop, if you want to check them out!


  1. How cool to get the back story with the glassware!
    I have a friend whose mom hand paints glass and ceramics...her talent has me in awe everytime I see it!

  2. It's so fun to know the history behind something like that. I love that blue pagoda vase!

  3. What beautiful painted glass! It is so fun to research stuff like that. I recently did that with a couple of things I found at my Mom's house. Nothing worth lots but it was fun to see the history behind it.

  4. I'm really enjoying the history that you're sharing about each of these pieces. I'm such a nerd; I love research like that. lol.