Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Quirky Collectible

Don't you just love this adorable winking lady tea cup? She's hand painted with a red rim, blue eye, pink cheeks, red lips, red earring and a black necklace. She came from my aunt's cupboard, but originally belonged to my grandmother. The cup measures 4" diameter and 3" tall.

Several versions of the winking teacup have been made. This one, stamped "Made in Staffordshire England" on the bottom, was made c.1950 as a premium for Lipton Tea.

Bailey's Irish Cream had another version made in China in the late 1990s as a promotional item. It features the Bailey's logo as an eyebrow over the open eye with the word "Yum" inside of the teacup. Apparently actress Helen Hunt hand painted some cups and signed them in another set released in the 1990s as a fundraiser for youth in California.

Male versions were also manufactured for the 1950s Lipton Tea promotion and photographs of them can be found on the Internet. I would love to have a mate for my lady, but alas, she flies solo for now. 


  1. What a lovely cup! Super cute... and with a ton of personally. A mate for her would definitely be nice. :) Sea Marie

  2. I've got a pair of the Bailey's and just love them. Hopefully, you'll find a mate for her!!

  3. How cute! I have to say it - what a saucy cup!

  4. I just picked up an original winking lady today! I love her...but would love to find a mate for her also. :)

  5. Love it. came across your site as I am searching for info on two winking teacup teaspoons, also vintage.