Sunday, 2 October 2011

1940s Celluloid Cookie Jar

Isn't this vintage blue porky pig cookie jar adorable? 

This is a fine example of celluloid plastic, which is a very lightweight plastic that was invented in the late 1800's. It was widely used to make toys and many household items because of its ability to be moulded. It was even used in photograph film.

Its popularity waned during the mid-century era when bakelite plastic grew in popularity. Although celluloid is no longer widely in use, it is still being used to manufacture items such as guitar picks and table tennis balls.

I've seen these cookie jars in a few different colors, but I'm partial to this yellow/blue color combination. Mr. Pig cookie jar stands 9.5" tall and is 6.5" wide at his base. He has a removable yellow and blue ball cap/lid, a yellow bow tie and the cutest red tongue smacking his smiling lips!

What a walk down memory lane and a must for any retro kitchen!

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  1. would you be interested in selling this cookie jar? My husband's grandma has one like this and he still talks about it. I would love to buy one for him.