Saturday, 23 July 2011

Doranne of California

Today I'm inspired to write about an American pottery company called Doranne of California. It was established in Los Angeles in 1951 by Irving Deitz and went out of business in 1991. 

They produced this beautiful two-tier tidbit tray I recently acquired and feature in the Retro Junction shop on Etsy.

Smooth, pastel pink ceramic with brown flecks, the oblong shaped trays are 9" and 7" inches wide. 

It stands 10 inches tall to the top of the brass handle. Bottom imprint on trays says T-11, Doranne, Cali, Made in USA. It's absolutely gorgeous and one of those items you instantly fall in love with.

During its lifetime, the Southern California potter produced many fantastic pottery cookie jars, kitchenware, giftware, and planters. In particular, the cookie jars are in demand by collectors. They were made in many unique shapes such as chickens, coca cola bottles, ducks, chefs, cupcakes and nursery rhyme characters. They can range in price from $25 to $300. Definitely something to watch out for at garage sales.

There's not that much information out there on the kitchenware and giftware produced by Doranne of California. I found a few snippets here and there. 

For more information on Doranne of California cookie jars, you could check out the website of The Old Cookie Jar Shop. It seemed to be a nice source for dating these items and estimating their worth. 


  1. It is funny how things I grew up with, now look modern. This is a lovely tray.

  2. I just got a lasagne pan PA-22 marked Doranne, California. Perfect condition, wondered what it was worth. Anyone know? Corie