Sunday, 21 August 2011

Vintage Art Nouveau Vase

I'm just learning about Italian pottery and would love to share some history of a small vase that prompted my research. 

The bottom stamp seems to have been applied before the glazing, hence the smudge. It indicates it was made by ZSZ Zanolli for Faone Scardin, a Milan wholesaler. ZSZ was established as a joint venture between Sebelin, Zanolli and Zarpellon in Nove, Italy in 1921. It remained in operation until the 1960s.

Because the company broke from the traditional Nove type of ceramics (Art Nouveau) and began producing Art Deco style pottery, I believe this vase was one of the the early pieces, dating it to the early 1920s.

I was thrilled to find a photograph of the ZSZ factory and the birthplace of my vase on the Ceramics Italy website (don't you just love the Internet?):

I know Art Nouveau style isn't for everyone, but I think the vase is charming. I love the shape of it and the beige color (probably darkened with age), as well as the way the round scalloped rim seems to offset the square feet. And that such delicate ceramic flowers were affixed to something kind of chunky. 

All in all, this little work of art stands 6-3/4" tall and 6" wide from rose to rose. It has suffered some damage over the years to some of the rose petals and leaves, but luckily time hasn't affected the brightness or beauty of this piece. 


  1. It's so fun to find such interesting info on our little treasures! That's really awesome!

  2. I love the Nouveau style. Looks very elegant and really amazing.


  3. hi, any tips for shipping to the US? :)

  4. Shipping to the US is same as anywhere. You can get shipping rate quotes from Canada Post website, which I find is more reasonably priced than courier companies.

  5. where do you get your shipping materials? thanks! nice blog btw!

  6. I'm a greenie so I like to recycle cardboard boxes and tissue paper if I can. Canada Post sells everything you need for shipping from tape to boxes.