Sunday, 5 June 2011

Welcome to Retro Junction

Welcome to my blog which is born from the need to share as I embark on my journey of collecting vintage home decor, housewares and more. 

I am a newbie at both collecting and blogging, and I hope any longtime collectors who may follow my blog will bear with me. My goal isn't to educate, but simply to share and hopefully pass the appreciation for vintage on to younger generations. If you have anything to share about any of the items or topics discussed, please feel free to add your wisdom in the comments section.

My hobby of collecting feels like young love - new, exciting and passionate. It sprouted while I was helping my mother clean out the farm house she had called home for nearly 60 years. As we sifted through my late father's vast collections of coins, matchbooks, licence plates, pens, pencils, caps, beer, history books, magazines and hunting paraphenalia, we joked about him being a hoarder. Deep down we knew he simply loved adding to his collections with no end in sight. 

I never really connected with my father's collections and I would have returned to the city content with a job well done - no spiritual awakenings to speak of. But then my mother began pulling out depression glass butter dishes, Fire King dessert plates and Pyrex coffee carafes. My heart began to palpitate and the adrenaline exploded! These items from the past were so beautiful and each had a tale to tell and a memory attached! 

Suddenly I couldn't wait to get home and look through my own long forgotten boxes and trunks for treasures from the past. started going to garage sales, estate sales, antique shops and thrift stores. At some point, probably during a middle-of-the-night internet "search" session, I decided to nurture this new found romance with all things vintage and see where it takes me. 

Who knows what I'll find next?  

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I'm looking forward to tagging along on your treasure hunts via your blog. I know that palpitating heart feeling when you stumble on those vintage goodies!

  2. I'll take along and enjoy the pictures! =) It will be like window shopping haha Found you through the Etsy blog team, I'm following you now =)

  3. Sounds like an interesting journey!! Now that I am following you I can check and see where it takes you!!

  4. Thanks for coming along with me - it should be a fun ride!