Sunday, 4 September 2011

Coffee's On!

I have a new coffee maker! It's a Universal Coffeematic from the 1950s and it makes the best coffee ever! Hands down. It beats my Tassimo. It beats my Tim Horton's Coffee Brewing Station. And I think it looks better than them too! 

I love the classy stainless steel with black trim, and the etched graphic on the front. This percolator makes 6 cups of coffee in about 5 minutes and has a strength slide controller to adjust for personal taste. It automatically shuts off when brewed (it's got a loud, steamy, bubbling sound when brewing)  and keeps the coffee hot for more than an hour without the coffee getting that "burnt" over brewed taste. Because of its great appearance, no fancy decanters are required. Just unplug and serve right from the machine.

It was manufactured by Landers, Frary & Clark, makers of many products during the 20th century. They began making their coffee percolators in 1912, introducing a new method that brewed the coffee just under the boiling point for improved clarity and taste. They were bought out by GE in 1965.

Coffee has always been one of my favorite beverages, starting I suppose at a pre-school age when my grandmother would give me half coffee / half milk with lots of sugar in a water glass. I called it "cacky" and I remember thinking it was divine.

Now I drink it sugar free with just a splash of skim and I still think it's divine. If you're ever in the's on!


  1. Has a great retro look ~ I actually remember the wonderful smell of my grandmother perking coffee on the top of the stove ~

  2. It looks great!
    That made coffee smell must surely be one of the best smells ever!

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  4. I had to delete my typo! haha, here I go again:

    I love your coffee maker!

  5. What a cool coffee maker! My father in law recently switched back to a percolator.

  6. My mom had that percolator, and she would even travel with it, trusting no one else to make her coffee as well as she could! I've seen them at flea markets occasionally, and I'm so tempted to try one. If I could just convince the Mr. to let go of the glass decanter models that keep breaking!