Saturday, 24 September 2011

Say Cheese!

For the next few weekends my project will be Photography 101 circa 1972. I have to test a few vintage cameras to check their working condition before I list them for sale in the Retro Junction vintage shop. 

I've bought the 35 mm film and I hope I didn't gasp out loud when the cashier told me the cost. Then I remembered that photography was considered kind of an expensive hobby, at least for me back in the day. Especially if there were dark rooms and supplies involved. This is definitely one area where technology has really benefitted the masses by not only bringing down the cost but by simplifying the picture taking process (I won't say 'dummying down'!)

I suppose the very earliest photographs (those old black and white ones of people looking stone faced at the camera) were grossly expensive at the time but involved tons of talent and equipment outlay.

So, wish me luck! I hope I can remember how to use cameras with F stops and light meters! I picked a great time of year to do this as there's lots of autumn scenery to shoot. The cat and dog will also serve as reluctant models if need be.  

Then I'll have to drop the film off at the store for developing, go back later and pick it all up. I guess I'll get the photo CD and forego the prints. Who needs another album taking up shelf space? Oh yes, and pay again. 

Photography aside, these old cameras do have a certain cachet about them. In all their bulkiness and heaviness, they have a vintage aura that's hard to resist. Even if they don't pass the test for photography, they still capture a time in history and will do a great job sitting on a shelf as vintage room decor!

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  1. Gosh, your photos of that camera sure bring back memories. I'm curious how your photos will turn out.