Thursday, 28 July 2011

Timeless Milk Glass

I've recently become a collector of milk glass items after decades of not even really noticing its existence. I'm not sure why I find it so appealing now. Perhaps it's the pure, clean whiteness of it or the seemingly endless shapes it is blown or pressed into. 

Milk glass was first made in Venice in the 16th century in a variety of colors, including white. White is made by adding tin dioxide or bone ash to the glass to produce the milky white opague glass known as "opal glass". 

During the Depression Era, it grew in popularity because of its ability to be produced cheaply yet look elegant.

This type of glass has been made into items such as decorative dinnerware, lamps, vases, candy dishes and jewelry. Notable manufacturers include the Fenton Glass Company, Imperial Glass Company and Westmoreland Glass Company, just to name a few.

For collectors, the original milk glass pieces of the Depression Era fetch about the same price as the "reproduction" pieces. It's becoming increasingly popular for wedding decorating, as well as home decor. 

I think it's popularity is due to its ability to look vintage and modern at the same time. It's equally at home in the country cottage and the suburbia mansion and it's available at a price most people can afford.

Do you have a favorite milk glass item?


  1. Milk glass is pretty, but I don't think I actually own any! That first vase is my favorite.

  2. I also like milk glass. I have actually used some of it in my glass garden art pieces.

  3. I love milk glass, but don't own any! That Grecian look vase is magnificent! Thanks for posting the historical information.

  4. I like the bowls in the last picture best. Interesting about how it looks vintage and modern at the same time. That definitely seems to be a trend.

  5. Ooo how I love antique glass!! Have a few pitchers and love the white on dark display idea. Will have to post pics of some of my antique glass one day in my blog so you can take a look see!

  6. I actually sometimes use milkglass for dessert pedestals. Milkglass vases make fabulous bases!

  7. I love milk glass and have a small vase, but you have inspired me to go hunting for more now:):)

  8. I'm a sucker for a great piece of milk glass, a few of my favorites are the lace edge, hobnail and ruffled edge. Just posted about it on my blog too. :)