Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Look at Vintage When It Was New

What a hoot! I've been browsing through the 1970 Eaton's catalogue my grandmother had tucked away in a trunk of keepsakes. My mother acquired it when Grandma passed away and we recently came across it when I was helping Mom downsize for her relocation to an apartment.

Here's a picture of the cover. Notice the knit caps and scarves - fashions that never seem to go out of style:

I can't believe I told my Mom to "take it to the recycling bin" when she asked me if I wanted it. I'm so glad she didn't listen to me! I found it tucked inside a box of treasures she delivered to my house on the final day of her leaving the farm house for good.

It's been a blast looking through it and especially after the Sears Fall 2011 catalogue arrived on my doorstep. Here's a picture of that cover. Some of the scarves and caps look familiar!

It's kind of surprising how some of the clothing styles are coming back in fashion and hopefully some other ones never do. I don't know about you, but I can live without the big, loud plaid pants. And do we really need to dress like our partners?

The jumpers are kind of cute and similar to the 1970 ones (new ones below in case you were fooled!). 

How do you like the dining sets from the 1970's? Nothing like them in the new catalogue, but I would love to get my hands on some for my vintage shop on Etsy! 

Stay tuned for more retro inspiration from this old catalogue! There's 465 more pages to go!


  1. Wow!!! Really interesting seeing those shots. And you're right.... the dining stuff is amazing! Sea Marie

  2. I know it definitely feels like stuff comes around again... but this was very cool to see the proof!

  3. I have a photo of myself in bell bottoms and my (then) husband in plaid bell bottoms that our children roar with laughter at. I thought we looked pretty good.

  4. I love the styles on the cover in the first photo, however, I would not want to wear the exact same outfit as my husband!!!
    I quite like 70s clothing and I have a couple of pieces from that era. I also sew clothing made with 70s patterns!

  5. i love those vintage hats and scarves!!

    i'm stopping by from the etsy vintage lovers forum!

  6. Some things never go out of style and some things on the other hand...I hope never return! When I look at the pictures from the 70's and 80's some of them crack me up. And that big hair and sweat bands! What were we thinking?