Friday, 14 October 2011

Fall Sale 2011

It's the annual Fall Sale! What a great time to do a little shopping! 

Starting today until October 21, 2011 participating members of the Alberta Street Team are offering discounts from 10% to 40% off many items in their shops. This is truly a wonderful time to get started on your holiday shopping, or if you're like me, to pick up that item you may have been ogling for the past few weeks!

Just to bring you up to snuff, my online shop Retro Junction, is hosted on a website called Etsy. Etsy is a vibrant community of shop owners selling vintage goods, handmade items and supplies for those handmade items. Many of these shop owners choose to join "teams" for support and companionship. The Alberta Street Team is for members that either reside in the province of Alberta, Canada or have a link to this province. It's a very active, vibrant team of which I'm proud to be a member!

The first treasury list to the right of this blog post is a fine example of a few of the treasures being discounted!

To help you out, here's the list of shops and the discounts being offered. Please check all Shop Announcements for specific sale details and don't forget to use the coupons mentioned to get the discounts!

ALBERTA TEAM FALL SALE, from October 14-21st - check us out! 

Accessories, Clothing, Bags and Purses 10% off (code teamsale) 10% off (code FALLS) 10% off (code FALLSALE) 15% off (code FallSale) 15% off (code FALLSALE2011) 15% off (code 2011FALLSALE) 10% off (code FALLSALE) 10% off (prices will reflect discount)

Art, Fine Art, Photography, Home Decor and Housewares 20% off (code FALLSALE2011) 10% off (code FALLSALE11) 20% off (code ALBERTA20) 40% off (code pumpkin) 10% off 10% off excludes shipping (code ALBERTASALE10) 30% off all prints (code FALLSALE2011) 10% off all items (code FALLSALE2011)

Bath, Beauty and Edibles 35% off (code FALLSALE) 15% off (code FALLSALE2011)

Ceramics, Pottery , Glass, Crochet, Knitting, Needlecraft and Quilts 15% off (code WACKY15) 15% off (code FallSale) 10% off (code FALL2011) 10% off (code FALLSALE2011) 15% off all items (code ALBERTA) 15% off (code FALLSALE) 15% off (code WICKEDSALE) 15% off (code fallsale2011)

Children and Toys 20% off (code TWENTY) 10% off (code SALE10) 10% off excludes shipping (code ALBERTASALE10) 15% off (code FallSale) 15% off (code FallSale)

Jewelry 10% off (prices will reflect discount) 15% off (code SALE15) 10% off (code teamsale) 15% off (code FALLSALE) 15% off (code FALLSALE) 10% off (code FALLSALE) 10% off (code FALLS) 10% off 20% off refund through paypal 20% off refund through paypal 10% off (code FALLSALE2011) 10% off all items (code FALLSALE2011) 10% off all items (code fallsale10off) 20% off (code TEAMALBERTA2011) 15% off (code FALLSALE) 20% off (code WICKEDMOVINGSALE)

Paper Goods 20% off excludes custom (code FALLSALE20) 10% off excludes shipping (code FALLSALE) 10% off (code FALLSALE2011) 10% off (code FALLSALE2011) 10% off (code FALLSALE) 10% off (code KIWITINI10) 20% off (code WICKEDMOVINGSALE) 15% off (code fallsale2011)

Supplies, Vintage, Bridal, Wedding and Celebrations 15% off (code WACKY15) 20% off refund through paypal 20% off refund through paypal 10% off all items (code fallsale10off) 20% off excludes custom (code FALLSALE20) 15% off (code SALE15) 10% off (code KIWITINI10)

And others... 20% off all items excluding shipping (code fallsale) 20% off all items 10% off all items refund via paypal 10%off, code Fallsale 10%off, code Fallsale 10% off 15% off 10% off all items (code FALLSALE2011) 10% off excludes marked down items (code FALLSALE2011) 20% off (code HALLOWEEN) 20% off (code HALLOWEEN) 20% off (code ABSale20) 10% off excluding shipping (code FALLSALE10) 15% off (code FALLSALE2011)


  1. Fantastic! Best of luck to you during the sale :)
    Thanks for sharing all of this info!

  2. Thanks for posting about the sale! Happy sales & happy shopping to all!

  3. Hope the sale goes great for your whole team!
    Thanks for sharing the info!