Thursday, 5 September 2013

Power Mantras for Stress

Change can bring a lot of stress and fear into our lives and learning how to cope positively has been a journey of mine for awhile now.

I found a wonderful article on using power mantras to help with stress. The author, Shannon Kaiser, suggests repeating the following five mantras when those feelings of self doubt begin to overcrowd your purposeful thoughts:

1. "I believe in myself and know that I'm worthy of all that I truly desire. I accept my true self and live it fully."

2. "My playing small does not serve the world. I have the courage to live the life beyond my wildest dreams."

3. "My dreams are important and are coming true."

4. "I have the courage to step into my future gracefully with ease."

5. "I feel excited about the possibilities I am creating."

Kaiser's article describes very well how I've been feeling lately so I thought I'd give this a try and see if it can keep me from reaching for another piece of pie when times get rough.

So far the pie - using my grandmother's pastry recipe and baked with Nanking cherries grown in my own backyard - is winning! 

But I have hope and I'll be sharing some other interesting stress busting strategies soon!

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