Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Earth Day!

As much as I love vintage, sometimes it just makes sense to go modern. 

Our 1960s home has many of its original vintage features and fixtures that we've been carefully preserving as we go through minor renovations. 

However, we're very excited to be getting rid of one vintage feature that has been a source of constant frustration and costing us lots of money - the old 1960s American Standard toilet in the main floor bath. 

It has been a water waster to the max using close to 23 litres of water per flush. Recent flapper valve problems and leaky seals have been plaguing us and parts have been impossible to find.

So, in a few days we'll be replacing the world's most inefficient toilet with the world's most efficient. Soon we'll be sitting on a new Profiency toilet (also marketed as the Stealth toilet) that uses a mere three litres of water per flush. 
It's Canadian designed and qualifies for two LEEDs points. It's supposed to be quick, quiet and compact. Online reviews are extremely positive and it should pay for itself by reduced water charges in two years. 

It might make me weird, but I'm really excited about our new toilet. And it's a fitting way to celebrate Earth Day 2012!

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