Thursday, 8 December 2011

Golden Pine Holiday Promo 1961

It came up fast but the holiday season is definitely in full swing in my home town!

I would like to share a beautiful carafe from my vintage shop that was introduced as a holiday promo in 1961 by Pyrex. It was collected by my mother, who would have been a 21 year old farm wife with 2 small toddlers underfoot and a holiday season to prepare for. Nice job, Mom!

I love the tall, lean lines and the delicate gold painting of pine cones and fir tree branches. The pattern looks like starbursts and fireworks. The carafe itself is heat proof for serving coffee, tea or hot apple cider. I think it would also be very festive for serving egg nog or fruit juice.

In 1961, Pyrex also released the pattern on a milk glass casserole dish with a clear glass lid and milk glass mixing/serving bowls with the gold pattern painted on a bright red background. If you know of other items with the pattern, please let me know.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


  1. I love the design! It's retro, but with clean enough lines that it will never really look out of style.

  2. I learn something new everyday. Hi from the Etsy Blog Team!

  3. We didn't have Pyrex, but I remember very distinctly that my mother used to have a carafe just like that!!